Cheap or Expensive Water?


Adiba Huq

What’s the best bottled water?

There are all kinds of water companies, and each of them are different. There are some that are good for you but can be expensive and others that are the opposite. Why? If there was only one type of water brand, what would drinking water look like for people? What kind of water do you drink?

Dasani, Voss, Arrowhead, Aquafina, etc. People can look at the brand and just drink their water because it looks aesthetically pleasing or buy it for a price and drink it as it is. Even though most water brands use propaganda to make more money like the Fiji commercial where they use calming music and a waterfall of a place somewhere in the tropics to capture people’s attention. Why should we buy it? How many times have you seen the Fiji water commercial? There are so many water companies, so does it matter which one we pick to drink and pay for?

When it comes to buying water and choosing what’s best for our bodies, some people would pick the high quality of the bottle that comes from big named companies, but the name of the company does not define if they have good quality water. It has to do with competitive companies that make the most money to see which company has the best water quality. Despite the fact that water companies have to meet the FDA requirements, there are some water companies that go above and beyond to offer customers something they might not get in a different brand.

Pentair Water Solution states that, “Around 55% of bottled water is derived from ‘spring water.’ According to the EPA, spring water is water that naturally bubbles up to the earth’s surface. It can also be collected through a borehole that locates water.” For example, Dasani water is a product from the company Coca Cola. Users on mention, “it’s tap water that has been purified. It is not a natural spring water, [the company] adds back in salts, minerals etc to make it taste different…It’s fake spring water basically”.

So why do we have so many water companies? Each water company has good water, but some charge more because they’re going above and beyond with meeting the expectations for high quality water. On the other hand not all companies are like that, and many people do not want to spend a lot of money on water, so they choose the less expensive water because of the price that half the quality of good water offers.

Some companies care about good quality water and making good money while others do not and have decent prices. All things considered, there is a big difference between each water company.