‘Jurassic Park’ Legacy


Rhonda Corona

About 30 years ago marked the beginning of the Jurassic Era and when we first drove through that gate.

“Welcome… to Jurassic Park.” These famous words were spoken almost 30 years ago, and they marked the beginning of the Jurassic era.

Warning!! This article contains spoilers for “Jurassic Park.” If you have not watched this movie yet, then I suggest you do because this movie was incredibly well done.

You have probably watched or at least heard of the famous dinosaur franchise known as “Jurassic Park.” The franchise explores how genetic engineering could possibly bring extinct animals back from extinction, but it would not be the best idea to put them in a zoo or amusement park.

The movie was a hit in the box office, having made $914 million worldwide since its original release. It became the highest grossing film ever made, before Titanic overtook it in 1997. Since its release, the movie has made over $1.046 million USD.

The movie was released in 1993. It follows a group of people sent to an island called Isla Nublar where John Hammond, played by Richard Attenborough, asks them to endorse the safety of a new park he is building there.

The group consists of two paleontologists, Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, played by Sam Neill and Laura Dern, and a chaotician named Ian Malcom, played by Jeff Goldblum. The group is also accompanied by a lawyer named Donald Gennaro, played by Martin Ferrero, who organized the trip due to a worker dying in a park-related incident. They are soon introduced to Hammond’s grandchildren, Lex and Tim, who are played by Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello.

The movie contains many memorable moments. These include our first introduction to the dinosaurs, the T-rex escaping, and the maintenance shed, to name a few. Our first introduction to the dinosaurs that inhabit Isla Nublar is one of the famous scenes in the movie because of the incredible feeling surrounding it.

According to Slashfilm, “the introduction of Alan, Ellie, and Ian to the living dinosaurs of Jurassic Park is the single best distillation of Spielbergian awe. John Williams’ majestic main theme for the film soars on the soundtrack while the scientists react with equal parts nervous disbelief, exuberant wonder and scholarly fascination.”

This scene was incredibly well done with its use of CGI to bring dinosaurs to life on the big screen, as well as the acting for the characters that shows them being amazed about seeing creatures that had been extinct for millions of years now standing in front of them.

This memorable scene holds a special place in the memory of fans: the T-rex escaping its paddox. This scene is one of the most memorable ones in the entire franchise because it marks the beginning of the dinosaurs taking over the island. It also shows the incredible filmmaking and acting that went into making the scene a reality. Another reason that this sequence was so well done was because they did not use CGI for the T-rex, but instead used a life size animatronic in the scene to make it seem more realistic.

Another memorable scene is when Ellie Sattler had to go into the maintenance shed to restore the power to the park. This scene is memorable in the sense that it shows how people would actually react when in danger.

It is not the typical thing in movies where it shows the main character being extremely brave and knowing exactly what to do. Instead, it showed her in a state of panic as she only ran and tried to block the raptors from getting to her, ending with her closing the gate to the maintenance shed and crying hysterically. Her reaction seems very realistic to what a person might actually do when faced with immediate danger, and Laura Dern does an amazing acting job in showing it.

Soon the movie wraps up with Ellie meeting up with Alan and the kids, and they are eventually able to escape onto a helicopter heading off the island. The movie then ends with Hammond’s park being a failure and a new home for the dinosaurs that inhabit it.

Overall, the movie is a revolutionary moment in cinema history with its incredible storyline, character development, and use of filmmaking techniques and CGI to create actual dinosaurs on the big screen. The franchise continued on with the two other Jurassic Park movies by connecting and adding more to the storyline of the dinosaur age and its existence as modern day approaches, and the Jurassic World trilogy that had recently come to a close with the release of “Jurassic World: Dominion” that was released in June. Hopefully we can see more of our favorite dinosaurs in the near future.