Should Phones be Allowed In School?

There have been many arguments as to whether cell phones should be banned or allowed in school settings.

In recent studies, there have been people saying that cell phones play a beneficial role in the classroom. Many agree with this statement because they think it could keep the students more engaged in learning. Most believe that cell phones could help for many reasons.

Cell phones in school can provide an additional learning tool, especially if the classrooms do not have enough tablets or computers for everyone. Phones can also be useful in case of an emergency and if you need to call someone to pick you up at that instant. Phones can help you when studying and when you need to take a picture of an important date, time, or graph.

There have been interviews with teachers being questioned as to whether or not cell phones should be allowed in school.

“I’ve also seen the value that cell phones can bring to education. Students who might not have access to computers at home can type and submit essays on their phones. Students can quickly look up some information and verify its validity. Furthermore, students can also use their cellphones to collaborate with peers,’’ said Tim Floyd, a teacher.

There have also been many arguments stating that cell phones should not be allowed in school. The reason is because many students can get distracted while being on their phone and not get any work done.

Cell phones can ruin your socialization with other people. One big issue with cell phones is that many students experience cyberbullying. This can mess with their minds and distract them from learning and that is why people say cell phones should not be allowed in classrooms.

In conclusion, there are many different reasons why cell phones should and should not be allowed in school. Although cell phones can and cannot be useful at times, do you think they are useful?