Hocus Pocus 2 Released



Hocus Pocus 2 (2022) Logo.

The Sanderson Sisters are back, so make sure to get your circles of salt ready! Everyone’s favorite Disney Halloween movie just came out with a part two on Sept. 30, 2022. The original plot of “Hocus Pocus” stars the three main witches, Bette Milder as Winifred (Winnie), Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah, and Kath Najimy as Mary, who were all killed during the Salem Witch Trials. Now the witches are back for their revenge.

Some characters you will also catch coming back are Billy Butcherson, played by Doug Jones, and everyone’s favorite black cat, Binx.

There are a lot of new main characters such as Becca, played by Gossip Girls’ Whitney Peak, Cassie played by Lilia Buckingham, and Izzy played by Belissa Escobedo.There is also Tony Hale who has two roles in this movie as Salem’s mayor, and a reverend who is secretly evil.

They are joined by Hannah Waddingham, playing Mother Witch and Sam Richardson as Gilbert. As the original movie was directed by Kenny Ortega, this movie was directed by Anne Fletcher.

There are some differences in the two movies, but something that stayed the same is the main plot of the movie.

In the first movie, the main character Max, lights the black flame candle that brings the witches back. In the second movie, Becca and Izzy light the same candle, and with their friend Cassie, they must stop the witches by working together.

Overall, the second movie brings each viewer just as much thrill as the first. Are you ready for the Sanderson Sisters’ return?