Which Type of Art is Better? Digital or Traditional


Rhonda Corona

Digital and traditional art have multiple differences between them, but which art form is considered more practical?

When thinking about art, most people think about digital creations, whether it was drawn on a tablet or was AI generated. When thinking of traditional artwork, people imagine paintings or sculptures. While traditional art is still being used today, people are beginning to switch over to creating digital art, but which one is better?

While traditional art may seem the most tedious to complete, it has its benefits. For example, you can have a further physical connection with what you are creating because unlike digital art, you have to be completely hands on with your work, which makes fixing mistakes difficult. Traditional art can also improve your hand-eye coordination and help you get a sense of how the materials work instead of the digital art programs that attempt to recreate them.

Traditional art is also considered to be more valuable than digital art because unlike digital art, traditional art cannot be easily mass produced. Each piece is considered to be unique and one of a kind, while digital art can be easily copied and shared online. Additionally, traditional art can be made from multiple different mediums like oil pastels, acrylics, clay, plaster, and much more, creating texture and detail that one could not recreate with digital art.

Traditional art is mostly based on the experience, while digital art is based on the advancement of technology entering the art world.

Digital art has been rising in popularity in recent years since the 1980’s and for good reason. People find it more convenient than traditional art because it is not always ideal to carry around a sketchbook or fill up a water cup for cleaning brushes from painting; as a result, people find carrying around a tablet more convenient. In the long run, people prefer making a one-time purchase by buying a tablet instead of spending an excess amount of money buying multiple paints, pencils, and other mediums over the years.

Digital art also makes creating artworks much easier with the ability to resize brushes and layers, erase things easily, and change the colors without the hassle that comes from using regular art materials. Furthermore, it is easier to share your completed work through social media or other types of websites because it is already stored in a digital setting unlike photos of paintings or sculptures.

While traditional art has been around for centuries, the development of digital art has been interesting, and people have been creating incredible art pieces with both versions. Which do you prefer?