Which are better? Homemade or Store Bought Gifts?


Rhonda Corona

When thinking about getting someone gifts, which is better? Homemade or store-bought?

As we all know, gifts are a common way to help show a person how much you care for them. For a convenient or last minute gift for a friend or family member, people tend to go to a store to buy a gift based on the person’s favorite thing. If they want the receiver to feel special or show how much they love them, a homemade gift seems appropriate, but which one of these is the better option?

Store-bought gifts are a convenient way to get a gift for someone, but there is more to it than just grabbing something from the clearance aisle. When picking out a gift from a store, people consider what the receiver likes and what to avoid getting them due to them either already having it, or having no interest in it.

There are some benefits to getting a store-bought gift, such as being able to return the gift if the person wants to exchange it, or being aware of where people can purchase similar items. During this day and age, we are surrounded by materialistic items such as the latest phone, designer brands, video games, new shoes, and much more.

Some people would prefer these types of gifts over something homemade. This is also the reason why stores would put together sales during the holiday season to entice consumers to get gifts from their brand. However, these types of gifts lack the unique feeling that homemade gifts give, unless it was custom made.

Homemade gifts offer a kind of feel-good vibe when the recipient receives it because they knew that the person took time out of their day to put in the effort to make something special for them. They can also be specially made for the person by incorporating their interests, inside jokes, memories, and other things that remind the receiver of how much they mean to the person giving the gift.

While homemade gifts can be the most heartfelt type of gift to give someone, they are also the most time-consuming to make, and the person can risk not being able to finish before the deadline that they had set for themselves. Also, the materials a person might need to create said gift may be more expensive than just buying one at the local store.

Whether you prefer making gifts by hand or getting one from your loved one’s favorite brand, no one can deny that gifts are a heartfelt way to show someone you love them. So, for their next birthday, holiday, or just because you want to get them something, just remember: it doesn’t matter where the gift comes from or how long it took, as long as the purpose is to make the person feel special, then it is the perfect gift for them.