“Red Moon in Venus” by Kali Uchis


Justin Santos

Leon Bridges & Kali Uchis @ The Fonda Theatre

Recently, famous singer and songwriter, Kali Uchis, released her third studio album, “Red Moon in Venus.” In this album, she has many features, including Omar Apollo, Don Toliver, and Summer Walker.

Uchis released two songs, “I Wish you Roses” and “Moonlight,” before releasing the full album to all streaming platforms on March 3, 2023.

“Red Moon in Venus” was released with many teasers from Uchis and was heavily anticipated by fans. It features 15 tracks with all but one reaching over two minutes of play time.

The intro to the album, “In My Garden…,” is only 25 seconds long. In this introduction, she is calling someone on a phone to remind them that she loves them.

The single “I Wish you Roses” is the most popular song, with over 40 million plays on Spotify. Over the 3 minute and 39 second time frame of the song, Uchis sings about the importance of not feeling resentful toward people you leave behind, with roses playing a big part in her lyrics.

Track three, “Worth the Wait,” talks about how relationships need romance to balance out other parts in order to keep them strong. The song also features Omar Apollo. “Love Between…” is the fourth song and talks about how love can make any relationship greatly improve.

“All Mine” shows Uchis boasting about how she is the only source of her partner’s happiness. She tells anyone else that their attempts to break up the relationship will fail.

The next track, “Fantasy,” featuring Don Toliver, talks about their relationship and how they are each other’s ”king and queen,” with Uchis talking about how she wants jewelry and love from him. It touches on how there are mistakes and mishaps in relationships, along with how they can be fixed by talking and making them right.

The song “Como Te Quiero Yo” continues her message that she knows that all relationships aren’t perfect, but they can usually be fixed with communication. She talks about setting the fighting and drama aside to focus on different things.

“Hasta Cuando” has a different approach than her typical songs on this album, by talking about past lovers instead of her current one. She makes fun of them for talking bad on her name despite all their new lovers wanting to be like her.

In track nine, “Endlessly,” she shows her devotion to her lover and how, as long as they keep coming back to her, she will keep loving them.

In the next track, “Moral Conscience,” Uchis talks about an ex-relationship and questions what she was doing, until she comes to realize that the former partner is at a loss because losing her is worse.

The interlude, “Not too Late (interlude),” goes off the other songs with her talking to someone and how she knows they love her but won’t admit it.

“Blue” is different compared to the rest of the album. “Blue” shows Uchis contemplating a break up and how she would feel bad as it was her fault for treasuring them to such a high level.

“Deserve Me” features Summer Walker and tags back to “Blue,” except they are aware that the partners are the ones at fault. Uchis realizes that she isn’t in the wrong and that her ex didn’t deserve her.

The second single, “Moonlight,” is another romantic song, with Uchis talking about wanting to spend time with her lover. I would argue that this is the best song on this album.

The 15th and final track, “Happy Now,” goes back on the album with her not wanting to deal with it anymore and is ready to forgive and go back to loving. This song is great and is perfect for closing this album.

“Red Moon in Venus” has gotten higher ratings from professionals like Metacritic, giving this album a rating of 85/100. This album has a great message and is an amazing listen for anyone who likes this type of R&B.

Personally, I would give this album a rating of 9/10, and I believe that any curious music fans should give it a listen and see what they think of it themselves.