Summer Jobs at Six Flags



An entrance sign to Six Flags Great America- an amazing outdoor theme park with roller coster rides and water park -Hurricane Harbor

There are only a few months left of school, which means one thing: it’s almost summer! During the summer, there are a lot of summer job options for students in Santa Clarita.Here are the most popular jobs for students looking for work this summer.

The most popular and recent job is Six Flags. Six Flags is a very popular place to hang out during the summer, and is one of the most popular places in Santa Clarita. Six Flags offers many positions all around the park, such as working in the park, in front of an office computer, at the front gate as a ticket taker, head salesperson, and many more. The age requirement is technically 16, but they are allowing 15 year olds to apply now.

Some of the benefits from working there are:
“Flexible scheduling so you can work as little or as much as you want
DailyPay- work today, get paid tomorrow
Advancement opportunities
Free park admission for you and a friend
Free tickets for friends and family
Discounted season passes
35% employee discount on food
40% employee discount on merchandise
Virtual and on-site training options provided
Exclusive employee events
and many more.”

Each job in the park offers a different amount of money per hour, while some jobs offer the same. Ride operators earn $13.25 an hour, food and beverage workers earn $14.25 an hour, retail workers earn $13.25 an hour, security members earn $14.25 an hour, lifeguards at Hurricane Harbor make $15 an hour, and warehouse staff makes $15 per hour. You would be getting paid well for a very fun job.

If you are interested in applying, all you have to do is click this link: Click on the jobs tab, select the job you are interested in, and click apply! Good luck if you choose to apply!!