The New Los Angeles Dodgers


Sophie Alvarez

The Los Angeles Dodgers logo drawn in a cartoon sketch.

March 30, 2023 was an extremely exciting day for many people: it was Opening Day, meaning the new baseball season commenced!

The Los Angeles Dodgers played against the Arizona Diamondbacks. This exciting first game turned to the favor of the Dodgers, with the score ending off at 8-2. During the game, many people could not help but wonder: who are these new faces on the team?

To start, the new shortstop is Miguel Rojas. On Jan. 11, the Dodgers acquired Rojas from the Miami Marlins. When acquiring Rojas, the Dodgers thought he would not be the starting shortstop since Gavin Lux would be starting. Unfortunately, during spring training, Lux tore his ACL leading him to be out for the whole season. Fortunately for Rojas, he is now the starting shortstop! Though he has only been signed for one year with the Dodgers, he is ready to take on this exciting and supportive role.

Now for the new out-fielder, James Outman, who plays in center field. He was already a part of the Dodgers franchise, just in the minor leagues. Through moving up from the minors, Outman already has some experience in the major leagues, as he played a few games in 2022. Outman is believed to be an amazing star player for the 2023 Dodgers. People are already calling him both the rookie of the year and the MVP.

Right fielder Jason Heyward is making his dream come true by playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was acquired from the Chicago Cubs and signed a minor league contract with the Dodgers at the beginning of December 2022. Thankfully, Heyward was invited to major league spring training, which scored him a spot on the Opening Day roster.

Last but not least, left-fielder David Peralta signed with the Dodgers on Feb. 16, 2023. First acquired from the Tampa Bay Rays on Feb. 16, Peralta signed a one year contract with the Dodgers. Peralta is amazing against right-handed pitchers, so he will mostly be starting whenever a right-handed pitcher, of the opposing team, is predicted to start any game.

These phenomenal outfielders will be played interchangeably with the already amazing outfielders on the team.

Designated hitter and outfielder, J.D. Martinez signed a one year deal with the Dodgers near the end of Dec. 2022. The Dodgers pushed extremely hard to acquire Martinez from the Boston Red Sox. Martinez adds great defense and offense to the team, as well as camaraderie since he has history with many of the players coaches on the team.

During the off season, the Dodgers acquired multiple pitchers that will lead the team to success, such as Noah Syndergaard, Michael Grove, Shelby Miller, and Alex Reyes. For years, the Dodgers have been proclaimed to have the best bullpen in the league. With this pressure, these new pitchers have a lot to take on, but there is no doubt that they will not succeed.

With these new players, that unfortunately means other players have departed from the team. Justin Turner, Cody Bellinger, Joey Gallo, Trea Turner, and Edwin Rios are just some of the many admired players that have separated from the Dodgers.

The new 2023 roster brings a lot of hope, excitement, and goals to this new team!