Mochi Donuts: Are They Worth the Hype?

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  • Soft and crispy are words many people use to describe this yummy treat. Mochi donuts are the “hybrid” of traditional American donuts and Japanese Mochi.

  • Located in Korea Town, Mochinut LA is notorious for coating their donuts with flavored icings exceeding the standard glaze or chocolate. These flavors include black sugar creme brulee, thai tea, taro fruity pebbles, and more!

It is without a doubt that many people love donuts. Whether it’s glazed or sprinkled, there is a type of donut for everyone to enjoy. Throughout the years, many bakeries have widened the selection of flavors, and they are always experimenting with new ingredients that you wouldn’t find on a classic donut.

A mochi donut or “Pon de Ring” is just like a regular donut, except rice flour is mixed into the batter to give a chewier, bouncier texture. This sweet treat was originally made in Japan, but is now being sold across the United States.

Due to its popularity on social media, many people, including myself, have been dying to try it! Luckily, Mochinut, a small donut shop in Downtown LA, specializes in making mochi donuts with a wide variety of flavors available.

I was super excited to finally try it after months and months of seeing it all over my social media feed. My family and I drove to Korea Town in Downtown LA to see what the craze was all about. Once we got to Mochinut, we were surprised to see how long the line was! We waited for about 20 minutes until we were finally able to order.

Every week, they have different flavors to choose from. The flavors they had when my family and I arrived were churro, guava cream cheese, original, maple bacon, vanilla custard, and sweet rice cake. My mom ordered a dozen with every flavor in the box. My personal favorite was vanilla custard. The texture was much chewier and bouncier than a regular donut. However, the taste was not as sweet, so if you don’t like extremely sweet donuts, mochi donuts are a perfect alternative.

My family and I loved them so much that the entire box was devoured before we even made it home! Once I took my first bite, I realized why people were going wild over these donuts. I would definitely go to Mochinut again and hopefully be able to try new flavors.

If you are looking for something fun to do with your family during these stressful times, I suggest visiting Mochinut. Although the drive was a little long, I would say it was worth it. Mochi donuts are now one of my favorite desserts, and I am super glad I was able to try them!