2000s Teen Shows are Superior


Rhonda Corona

2000’s shows have more of a realistic feeling to them unlike the teen shows airing now.

From partying to breakups and relationships, 2000s teen shows do it best. Some of the most iconic teen shows come from this era: “Gilmore Girls,” “Gossip Girl,” and “The O.C.” Today’s shows are filled with unusual storylines and teenagers acting and looking like full adults.

While watching my fair share of 2000s shows, they feel so nostalgic and comforting. Then as I watch today’s popular shows they feel more like a show instead of like we are in the story, and that’s what 2000s shows do flawlessly. They make the audience feel such strong connections to the characters and make us feel as if they are real. Even making the viewers root on certain couples in these shows.

The conversations the characters have feel authentic and natural. They include pop culture references and don’t make it cringey. The writers do such an immaculate job when writing each and every one of these characters and their conversions with each other. They use real-life experiences most teens can relate to. I’m not saying that today’s shows don’t as well, but some shows take it way too far and make 17-year-olds work with the FBI.

Obviously, today’s shows aren’t all bad, some of them are beautifully written and have very talented actors. However, 2000s teen shows make me feel so nostalgic and always make me stay up late watching them. So, I’d obviously prefer to watch teen shows from the 2000s then from today.