Senior Quad: Back to the Future

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  • ASB currently in the process of decorating this “Senior” sign.

  • ASB decorated our benches with an 80s Back to the Future theme, showcasing a variety of fun shapes and colors.

  • Senior Jaylynn Smith paints the Canyon school mascot, Colt the Cowboy, in the senior quad.

  • Senior quad committee leader, Stephanie Mail (senior) covers up the class of 2020’s senior quad decor to prepare for the new class of 2021’s design.

As students start to slowly fill the hallways of Canyon again, ASB went full-throttle preparing for their comeback, especially seniors.

I had the chance to interview senior quad committee leader, Stephanie Mail about what ASB plans to do with the remainder of the school year.

Mail reveals that the theme for the class of 2021 is “Back to the Future.” ASB came to this conclusion because, “This allowed us to elaborate on how with this strange year has been, along with how most of what we are looking forward to is in the future, which inspired our senior quote to be “The future awaits.” This year was a little bit different in the fact that the ASB class did not pick the theme, but a few seniors submitted designs and Back to the Future was the shirt design that won in the class vote.”

I think all students can resonate with this theme since for seniors, this is our final months on the Canyon campus. Rather than dwelling on what could have been, seniors should set their sights towards the future as our senior quote suggests.

Mail exclaims that she is, “mostly just excited for our class to be back on campus and being able to hopefully get some senior activities within the weeks that we have left as high schoolers. As of right now, we have a few ideas of things that we really want to happen including, signing the senior quad and hopefully having some sort of breakfast whether it be a drive by or something actually on campus, but we are not exactly sure yet with all the rules in place.”

Since ASB were the first students to get back on campus I wondered how it felt. She replies, “At first it was really odd being back on campus, but to be completely honest it felt like we were going back just like we would before any other school year, the campus open and it was extremely quiet, but it seemed pretty normal even though we were gone for so long, it felt like we were starting right where we left off.”

Doing a project like painting the senior quad felt like a right of passage for Mail and fellow seniors in ASB as they finally felt like things will get back to normal.

Lastly, Mail hopes that “everyone has made the best out of this last year, especially since I know some seniors are leaving for college, I just hope everyone has been able to make the best memories possible with the circumstances even though we couldn’t do all the school orchestrated events that we originally had imagined.”

Though this year will go down in history for some odd reasons, Canyon seniors can hopefully see the light at the end of the tunnel.