Meraki Complex

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  • The bag made by Ernesto Aguirre displays two people kissing while wearing masks.

  • The Ernesto Aguirre original design reads “pandemic romance”

  • Many have struggled with having romance throughout the pandemic. Aguiree wanted to show that we all felt this way.

  • 35% of all earnings were donated to organizations stopping this hate.

  • With “Stop Asian Hate” stamped on the front of the shirt, Ernesto Aguirre displayed his view on the problems in the world.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Canyon junior Ernesto Aguirre decided to start a clothing brand: Meraki Complex. All of the clothing drops have been based around problems in the world.

One drop displayed the effects of the pandemic on romance; without being able to leave the house, many people couldn’t meet a partner and those who did have a significant other couldn’t see their partner.

Aguirre wanted to show people that they were not alone. We are all struggling, and he made this apparent with his clothes.

His latest clothing drop focuses on the Asian hate plaguing the world. The discrimmination against Asians was brought to life in these past months. They were being verbally and physically abused by everyday citizens.

Disgusted by this, Aguiree wanted to play his part in making a change. He made clothes displaying “stop Asian hate” and donated 35% of the earnings to an organization working to stop hate.