Despite the Pandemic, The Show Went On



Marching Band, 2019. Due to COVID-19 conditions, this is the last photo of band taken.

It is commonly said that music can help one cope with difficult situations, that people can recall their favorite song from years back even though they can’t recall that history fact, that music is something that can heal and connect.

Despite this year’s difficulties, Canyon Band has found a way to let their music shine and reach the ears of people through Zoom- defying the difference that COVID has created between them and the stage.

The socially distanced, virtual orchestra played a number of different tunes, including “BBQ Sauce,” a funky jazz ensemble, “Alarm,” a tune made with a combination of percussion and wind instruments, and “Alchemy,” a piece constructed of only wind instruments.

The majority of students participating were playing from their homes, but some were at school. Students partaking in the hybrid learning program were playing their musical instruments with masks (if a wind instrument, from under their mask) outside of the Band Room.

Mr. Stephan Hufford, the band instructor and Music Director at Canyon High School contributed to every music piece, playing along with his students.

Canyon Band was successfully able to pull off the performance of three different shows, each one unique and delightful in its own way. And despite the fact that I wasn’t there to witness the performances in person, the music flowed beautifully through the screen and into my heart, showing me the power of practice and determination of these talented musicians.

After all, the show must go on.

A shout out to all of the dedicated band members at Canyon- we appreciate your talent!

Leiah Abellera
Diego Arteaga
Cameron Brintnall
Henry Dudley
Joseph Reyes
Klark Kleczek
Gavin Fox
Ryan Davenport
Elijah Crawford
Josh Swaggard
Leah Haupt
Codey Webster
Ryan Bernabe
Landon Gibson
Vince Phan
Luke Sanchez
Tristen McGrath
Justin Hernandez
Henry Zega
Jenna Root
Jonathan Lopez
Jeremy Root
Mason Miledi
Steven Colby
Tyler Diaz
Josie Regan
Emily Winkler
Junior Mazar
Christian Strand
Gavin Fox
Luke Lagarnia
Louis Suaste
Cameron Brintnall
Kaileen Martin
Dominique Dimaano
Laurent Chan
Nina Isabela Tan
Autumn Medlock Turner
Nickhil Mishra
Nathan Funakoshi
Ryan Davenport
Elijah Crawford
Daniela Reyes

Mr. Stephan Hufford