The Consequences of Time Travel


Rhonda Corona

Time travel, while it could be a possibility, the consequences that could follow are unknown.

There is good and bad when it comes to the decisions you make. Life isn’t easy, as the saying goes, and sometimes it isn’t fair. In the beginning sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, it ends up being bumpy and we think maybe when we’re older and grown-up we will get to have that happy life we always wanted. But are you happy with the decisions you made in the past? Are you happier now than you were before? Time traveling. Is that something you wish was real?

Change is part of life, and it represents that nothing should remain permanent. It’s an invisible message that is supposed to tell you something you’ll understand once you grow up.

When something in life starts to fall apart you wish that you could turn back time to keep all of those good memories and the bad stuff from happening. But when things go wrong, it’s not possible, and you have to face it. I would like to scream when everything starts falling apart. It wouldn’t help though. If I did, it wouldn’t fix anything. I can’t act like a five year old when I’m supposed to be a mature teenager. People don’t have the capability to turn back time to take back everything, the things that happen to us in life are meant to teach us something. Time traveling for our own purposes just to keep us from falling apart won’t do us any good. We want to move forward, not back.

Everything we do is for a reason. People say “you matter, what you do is for a purpose”. We don’t know then, we’ll know later.

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

If time traveling were possible, I wouldn’t travel back in time to change my decisions. But I’d tell my past self the things she will need to know, the truths that were kept hidden from her, the things she needs to be prepared for, and the road that is up ahead. I’d only talk to myself about the stuff that’ll happen in the near future. But I wouldn’t change my life just because I didn’t like something that happened in the past.

Turning back time could mean not letting yourself make mistakes and learning from them. All things aside, how would people use time traveling? To see the future, or to see what you thought was the truth? Change the present? People could use time traveling for anything. In school we’d get asked questions like that to see how our minds work.

Time traveling can be seen as a very problematic thing that won’t end up making things better. A majority of students agreed that we shouldn’t have access to time traveling. “It shouldn’t exist,” Diego Ortiz, a Junior, stated. “If you affect the events that transpired, it will affect the foundation of society and how we live.” Additionally, Colin Haberman, a senior, “it shouldn’t exist because you start to gain emotion in reality, nothing would be the same.”

But there are also those who stand on the other side; they do think that time traveling would be a good thing. Saul Salgado Flores, a Junior, says “You can change things in your past.” Emily Hernandez, a senior, said that she would get to “change what [she] says after an argument during the argument.”

But overall, I really liked what Richard Davila, a junior, had to say about the existence of time traveling, saying that “It would be the biggest mistake a person could make that would affect the present because most people want to change the past. It could be good if you don’t use it for your own cause.” His point proves that time traveling shouldn’t exist, saying that there are more consequences than outcomes.

There actually isn’t a good thing about time traveling. As Davila has said, we would have to use time traveling for other purposes than our own. It’s like rewriting history, you can’t change what’s already happening. You move forward to make it better. You learn from your mistakes to make sure you don’t make them twice.

It is very understandable for the students who would go back just to change something they’ve said or take back what’s been taken from them. Everyone wants that. But I had asked students if they would use time traveling to change their life? Majority of the students said no.

I think based on a student’s perspective on their life they wouldn’t go back to face something they don’t want to see. Such a thing would be scary, if you could see your younger self. But that would be messing with time and the present.

Is time traveling good or bad? 100% bad. You can’t turn back time to fix what’s already been done. As life goes on and changes are being made, the existence of time traveling would cause chaos to the world. Since we already deal with so many changes already, why bring this into existence? It would only make things worse.

The reason why this word even exists was because there were theories on this topic. They state back to “the 9th Century BCE” and from there in 2014, William Gibson says,”We can’t send people, but what if you could send information back to the past?. .It shows how our cultural conception of time is changing.”

Even so, life should remain like this, evolving in many ways and changing every single day.