Santa Clarita Under Flood Watch From Rain


Regine Fahlbusch

Heavy rain yesterday in the late afternoon

In early November, the city of Santa Clarita was put under a flood watch from a rainstorm that passed through. The rain started Monday, Nov. 6 and ended during the evening on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

The National Weather Service sent out the flood watch warning at 10 p.m. on Nov. 6 with an expected 1 inch of rain per hour. Up to 25 mph of wind was also expected along with the rain according to The Signal. The heavy rain and wind was hazardous to anyone driving during the rain storm.

Citizens of the SCV area were told to avoid any burn areas during the rain as they could quickly become a collision hazard. The burn areas were said to turn into either debris flow or rock slides which causes great danger for oncoming traffic.

During its highest speeds, the wind also blew debris and trash onto roads and other parts of the city.

From the debris turning roads into Mario Kart tracks, to the rain making highways become slippery, many unaware drivers crashed. During the two days of rain, there were around 20 traffic collisions, one of which was fatal.

Heavy rain and winds caused roads to become hazardous to drivers, and the NWS recommended that people be cautious while driving during these times.

This sudden rain surprised many residents because Santa Clarita does not see much rain for most of the year. Heavy rains like this are great for plants, but it quickly becomes dangerous for citizens who are unprepared.