Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Rhonda Corona

There’s a variety of gifts to give your mom on mother’s day including handmade cards, flowers, teddy bears, jewelry, and sometimes even just a big ol’ hug!

It is without a doubt that COVID-19 has negatively impacted parents around the world. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it gives people the perfect opportunity to show their gratitude!

Keep it simple and sweet with a heartfelt card and some flowers showing your love and appreciation. One of the best gifts a person could receive comes from the heart, so a simple “Thank you for all you do!” is guaranteed to make your Mom smile.

Whether she’s obsessed with something sweet or savory, buying your Mom her favorite food is sure to make her day extra special. Going to your local Dollar Tree to buy a gift basket to put all of her favorite snacks and food in will give this present an added touch. I personally did this for my own Mom last year, and her reaction was priceless!

Pamper your Mom on Mother’s Day by treating her to the nail salon or for a massage. Since Mother’s Day should be all about her, there isn’t a better way to show your love than by making her feel like a Queen! You can also create a self care kit and put things such as lotion, face masks, and candles in a basket to give her.

Although most gifts are physical, the memories you create on Mother’s Day will last forever. So, be sure to make this upcoming Mother’s Day extra special!