What is Your Choice of Condiment?


Rhonda Corona

From ketchup and mustard, to mayo and soy sauce. There’s a mass variety of condiments for people to choose from. Which one do you prefer?

From mustard to ketchup to mayonnaise, everyone has a favorite condiment. Some love the taste, smell, and consistency while others despise it.

These three condiments can be found in a variety of foods. They can even be mixed together to make new sauces, as well as elevate the flavor or texture of your favorite food.

Dijon mustard originated in France and has been interpreted in different ways all around the world. In the US, Americans have their own milder mustard that has a brighter color due to turmeric and is commonly seen at barbeques. However, in Italy mustard is paired with sweet fruits that have been bathed in sugar and honey to create a complex flavor.

Ketchup is sold all over the globe and varies in taste and use depending on the location. In Thailand, ketchup is used as a dip for potato chips whereas in Sweden the sauce is used to douse pasta. Also, the ketchup sold in England and Venezuela is a sweeter version of American ketchup. Although ketchup is seen as a topping in some countries, Japanese people also use it as a key ingredient in many dishes.

Mayonnaise is a creamy, thick emulsion that can be found and used in a surprising amount of countries. This condiment has a diverse assortment of uses like a dipping sauce, a mixture, or even a binding base. In Russia, mayo is used in almost everything, from a herring dish to a soup. While in Japan it’s added to pizza and even pancakes. This condiment can even be substituted for eggs and oil.

With all these different uses for condiments, which one do you use the most and what for?