The Impact of Music On People’s Mental Health and Mood


Kailee Sabangan

Music improves mental health

Music–a source of happiness and satisfaction. This arrangement of sounds should be a crucial part of one’s life. Since there are many genres of music, there is invariably something for every person.

Along with different genres, there are multiple moods that either regulate one’s disposition or change it.

For different moods people experience, there are different kinds of music that they could listen to. According to Healthline, happy and upbeat music leads to our brains producing happy chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, which both bring forth feelings of joy and happiness. On the other hand, calming and soothing music leads to the relaxation of one’s mind and body.

There are different attributes of music that people gravitate toward. The lyrics, the beat, and the melody are all ear-catching parts of songs that people love, which then cause people to find comfort when listening to their favorite songs.

People can relate to the lyrics of songs which can have a big impact on them. Lyrics are an important part of songs that help people feel seen. Most times, people do not know how to express themselves, but when listening to songs that perfectly word how they feel, they feel appreciated.

When feeling depressed or anxious people tend to listen to their favorite songs or musical artists which helps to calm them down. Music helps people escape from the real world and their problems.

When asking Ashley Maravilla, a Canyon High School student, how music impacts her mental health and mood, she states, “I feel like music is always something I’ve seen as an escape. It definitely helps with my anxiety and helps me feel better in general. Music is the one thing that will always be there no matter what happens.”

Music has helped her through so many things and she is forever grateful for how it tranquilizes her.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, along with calming people, music helps people process different emotions for example, trauma, and grief. It can also change the way one thinks, acts, and feels.

Music assists the body by easing the mind, electrifying the body, and managing pain that one experiences. Music has an enormous consequence on one’s emotions.