Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Angiola Harry

The pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness

With the month of October already begun, there is an import crisis that needs to be talked about; Breast cancer. Each year the whole month is dedicated to showing support and awareness to those who have or are going through life with breast cancer.

Breast cancer is when a healthy cell has damaged DNA inside of it, causing the cell to become mutated and duplicate unchecked. This unchecked duplication can lead to a tumor.

There are 12 different types of breast cancer. Each type has 4 stages with substages in some. These substages help doctors identify how much the cancer has grown and tells them if it has begun to spread to other body parts.

These different types can be found in both women and men. With a majority of women being diagnosed around 55-64 years of age, while a majority of men are diagnosed around the age of 50.

Although there are many different types, there are a variety of treatments. Ranging from Chemotherapy, which stops cancer cells from growing and spreading, to Targeted Therapy, which attacks cancer cells while causing less harm to normal cells.

Different treatments are provided in many different forms. For chemotherapy, the offered forms can range from IV form to a pill or cream depending on the cancer and type.

You can support by donating to cancer research facilities, participating in Relay for Life or Making Strides Against Breast Cancer which is hosted by the American Cancer Society, or educating yourself and others on survivors of this cancer.