Disney’s “Encanto”



Luisa, Isabela, Abuela Alma, Mirabel, Agustín, Julieta, Camilo, Antonio, Dolores, Félix, Pepa Madrigal

Disney’s “Encanto” is the latest music and comedy animated film that features catchy songs such as, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and, “Surface Pressure” that will have you grooving in your seat and singing the unforgettable lyrics afterward.

The film revolves around the Madrigal family and their magical house that can grant each descendant a miracle from a special candle. They use their extraordinary gifts to aid their community and help around their casita (house).

However, the main protagonist of “Encanto”, Maribel, does not possess a power of her own. Not having any ability to benefit the family means that others leave her in the background or off to the side when she tries to be of assistance. Her lack of a gift does not stop her from trying to help around the village or caring for others, which is what makes her character very likable.

In total, there are 8 Madrigal members that have powers. While each power is unique, some are better and more impressive than others. Dolores’ gift to hear absolutely everything all the time seems to be the opposite of a miracle. While it may come in handy to identify if someone is in danger, obtaining important information, learning secrets, or even hearing gossip around the house, it can also drive one crazy, as she always seems to be aware of everything during the movie.

It is a shame that not every character with power played a huge role in the plot of the movie. A majority of the audience’s favorite character, Camilo, and his shapeshifting ability didn’t get to do much with very minimal screen time.

Luisa, much like Camilo, didn’t play a big part in the plot, especially with a well-known and helpful power like super strength. Luckily these two are redeemed when they both sing 2 of the best songs throughout “Encanto.” Camilo has small yet memorable lines in the song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and definitely was the viewers’ highlight of the film.

“Surface Pressure” was another viewer favorite. The song had a great melody, relatable lyrics, and an outstanding performance by Luisa’s voice actor. It was so amazing that Luisa’s redemption as a character was completed with this one song.

A character that stood out the most was Bruno. Bruno possesses the power to look into the future by performing a ritual that requires a large amount of open space to properly see his visions.

Bruno is described to be an anonymous and crazy person who cursed and abandoned the family. When he is first introduced he seems to be just that, but as we get to learn about his character we realize that the rumors about him are false and all he wanted was to be united with his family again.

With Disney, you can always expect their latest movies to be an improvement from the previous, and “Encanto” is no exception. The movie has smooth and clean animations, understandable characters, and good pacing so you are never bored throughout watching the film.