Yay or Nay at McDonald’s


Daniela Amador

Delicious McDonald’s McChicken

McDonald’s is a part of most people’s childhood. Many people remember the excitement of seeing what toy is in their Happy Meal and making new friends in the indoor playground. However, nostalgia is not the only reason people come back for more. McDonald’s has a wide variety of burgers and meals that are a big contributing factor.

I wanted to see what item on the menu brings in the customers. I conducted a survey to see what some Canyon High School students think is the best and worst item on the menu. I will be going over the top three things to get or not get at McDonald’s according to students.

In third place, the best item to get at McDonald’s is the Quarter Pounder at 10.9%. One anonymous student says, “The Quarter Pounder’s my favorite because it has more beef than regular burger at McDonalds.”

Coming in at second with 19.6% of the vote is the french fries. Many of the anonymous participants believe McDonald’s french fries are the best because “It’s a perfect side for anything! It has a perfect crunch and is salted to perfection,” and “The fries taste immaculate and always satisfy my cravings.”

Last but not least is the chicken nuggets which came in first place at a whopping 26.1%. I expected it to be between the french fries and chicken nuggets, but I did not expect there to be a 5% gap between the two. Some reasons why chicken nuggets ranked first are because “they are very filling” and have a “crispy coating,” said an anonymous student at Canyon.

Now let’s move on to participants’ least favorite items. At 15.6% is the Quarter Pounder. This is quite surprising because the Quarter Pounder is both a favorite and least favorite item. One reason people do not like the Quarter Pounder is because “It feels like too much.”

Next is the Big Mac at 22.2%. Just like the Quarter Pounder, one anonymous student finds it “pretty big, and hard to eat.” In the end, it comes down to how much you can handle.

In that case, people really cannot handle the McDonald’s breakfast. 24.4% of the participants do not like it. According to an anonymous student, “The eggs are dry and the bacon isn’t good,” and “it isn’t served all day.”

These are just the opinions of some of Canyon’s students. There is no right or wrong thing to order; it depends on personal preference. It was interesting to see what people like and do not like from McDonald’s.