Zombie Ice in Greenland


Margarita Cabre

A portion of Greenland’s frozen interior with a view of a glacier, the ice sheet and hill peaks seen from above.

With the Halloween season coming up, retail stores are beginning to bring out their yearly spooky decorations and Halloween goodies. However, there’s another spooky thing floating around the internet, and contrary to the fake scary decor, people need to worry about it.

In the past few weeks, information has been coming out about “Zombie ice,” dead ice that is no longer staying frozen and attached to any ice sheet, but ice that is melting away at rapid levels.

Decades ago, when the issues of climate change wasere not as severe, Greenland was receiving consistent levels of fresh snowfall, which helped to thicken the glaciers and prevent this ice from melting. Now, due to the rising temperatures and less snowfall, the ice sheets are melting instead of thickening.

It has been known for years that Greenland’s ice-sheet has been melting at rapid and uncontrollable levels. Since this ice-sheet is the second largest in the world after Antarctica, this poses a massive threat to ocean and sea levels.

Despite the Internalgovernment Panel on Climate Change estimating that the melting ice sheet will only raise sea levels by 2-5 inches, a study published in the journal Nature of Climate Change suggests much more catastrophic effects.

The study says that sea levels could rise anywhere from 10 inches all the way up to 30, a much more drastic estimate compared to the IPCC’s.

It is unknown exactly when the estimated sea levels will rise, but from the information put out by the Associated Press, there is no avoiding this catastrophe.