All of the Major Six Flags Magic Mountain Coasters Ranked


David Crane

Six Flags Magic Mountain will reopen to season passholders and members on April 1 and welcome the general public beginning April 3.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is no doubt the main attraction of the Santa Clarita Valley. No matter how many times you have visited the park, you always feel that adrenaline rush when seeing the spinning carts on X2 or the Iconic 415 ft high Superman ride.

There are 15 major roller coasters (excluding Wonder Woman) that you can ride throughout the park, and I will be ranking every single one of them. Their rank will be based on the waiting time, speed, height, and duration.

Coming in dead last is Goldrusher. As a family coaster, it contains zero loops with hardly any intensity on the twists and turns. The waiting time is never long, and the speed of the ride is quick and smooth. It has comfortable seating and is a great experience if you are passing by.

At number 14 is Ninja. Like Goldrusher, it has no loops and is a relatively short ride. The entirety of the ride is smooth with a good amount of speed to enjoy the beauty of the park. It could have been ranked higher if it was not for the long waiting time. The ride is perfect for any first-time riders that want to build up the courage to get on bigger and more intense coasters.

Ranked at number 13 is The New Revolution. While this ride is not tame and is definitely not the smoothest, it does have one of the best feeling loops. Its speed and duration ranked it above the previous coasters, and the waiting time is a lot shorter than Ninja.

Coming in at number 12 is Scream! For a ride called “Scream,” there is not much to scream about. The ride is short, mildly intense, and the long wait does not make up for it. The twist, turns, and loops is what puts this coaster above the others.

Ranked at number 11 is Goliath. Many may be surprised that this roller coaster did not make it into the top 10. Goliath is a classic and a fan favorite, but there is not much to it. The line is one of the longest in the park and definitely not worth the almost two hour wait it has. Goliath has that one moment of air time after the drop, but the rest of the ride is uncomfortable. Overall, the ride is fast and smooth, but the intensity is just not there.

Moving into the top 10, we have Viper. Viper receives a lot of undeserved hate for having the roughest ride. There is no denying that this ride can cause a mild concussion, but that does not take away the thrilling loops that send our hearts racing, not to mention the height that the ride reaches, and the speed that causes our heads to shake. Viper has one of the shortest wait times, and the duration is perfect. This ride is undoubtedly the most underrated in Magic Mountain.

At number nine, we have Full Throttle. This is a fantastic roller coaster with a quick and surprising launch. Sometimes, it is not worth it because of the wait time that it gets; however, being one of two coasters in the park to have a backwards feature, the ride is definitely worth it.

Ranking in at number eight is Superman Escape From Krypton. This ride is the landmark of Magic Mountain. Whether viewing from afar or up close, it causes anxiety. The launch is the fastest in the park, and reaching the pinnacle of the ride is heart racing. The only problem with this ride is the duration and the wait time. It only lasts about 15 seconds, and the wait times can vary, either being extremely long or short. If you want the full experience, I would recommend taking the backwards cart instead of the forward.

At number seven is West Coast Racers. West Coast Racers is a very unique ride. Upon reaching the interior, you can see beautiful vehicles on display, as well the perfectly designed carts. The top speed it reaches mixing with the duration of the ride makes a perfect match. The only thing killing the ride is the absurd waiting time. It is rarely a short wait with lines lasting up to two hours. However, it is obvious why people wait for this amazing experience.

At number six, we have Apocalypse. Being the only wooden coaster in the park definitely makes this ride stick out. The wait times differ day to day with it sometimes having an hour and thirty minute wait or a 20 minute wait. Nonetheless, the ride is extremely fast with quick turns and a throttle that forces you to shake throughout the ride. The duration is long and has a spooky feeling to it during the night.

Going into the top five is Riddler’s Revenge. This ride has one of the shortest wait times and is definitely a must ride when visiting Six Flags. It has a fast top speed with a lot of unexpected turns. The amount of loops this ride has makes it that much more thrilling. The only thing bringing its rank down is the stand up seats. They feel uncomfortable and unsafe if you manage to stand incorrectly.

At number four, we have Batman. Batman does not have the longest duration, but it has lots of intensity to make up for it. The wait varies, and the speed is mild. The seating, speed, and wait time is what puts it above the Riddler. Recently, after the opening of Wonder Woman, the ride has been running smoother than ever.

Moving into the top three, we have Tastu. After being closed for several months, it was finally reopened. Tatsu is one of those rides where you are intimidated by its design and height. When strapping into the ride, you can feel the adrenaline already pumping. Slowly traveling upwards, looking down at what is below you is the scariest part. Riding it for the first time is amazing, and the amount of speed you pick up and the heights you drop from are insane. The line can be very long at times, but it is definitely worth it.

Ranking in at number two is Twisted Colossus. This ride has everything with zero flaws. The height is 121 feet, and the speed reaches up to 57 mph, which is something you cannot miss out on. The ride duration is the longest in Magic Mountain at almost five minutes. The loops are breathtaking, as you can see the other cart above or below you, depending on your cart. The duration of the line can either be very long or mildly short. Either way, the wait is worth it, as you go twice, experiencing different twists, turns and loops.

Finally, in the number one spot, we have the one and only X2. Being the first coaster you see upon entering the parking lot, it may make you contemplate visiting the park. Everything about this ride causes anxiety when entering the park, waiting in line, strapping in, and traveling up to its peak height. X2 is one of the most intense rides in the world. It is one of the few rides out there that still feels nerve-racking even after riding it for the first time. The feeling of being lifted up backwards very slowly and dropped head first into a loop is terrifying. It has everything you would want in a coaster; it is fast, tall, has loops, turns, and twists, not to mention the constant rocking back and forth throughout the ride. It may not be a must ride every time you visit the park, but it is definitely something that has to be experienced once in your life.

With that being said, this is my ranking of every major coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It is an experience to ride every single one of these coasters and is a place everyone should visit. What is your favorite roller coaster?