“Halloween Ends” The End of an Era


Ryan Green/Universal Pictures

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode is again imperiled in ‘Halloween Ends.’

“Halloween Ends,” directed by David Gordon Green, was released on Oct. 14, 2022. According to RadioTimes, this film will be Green’s final Halloween project as well as Jamie Lee Curtis’ last appearance as Laurie Strode.

The movie picks up four years after the events of “Halloween Kills,” where we are introduced to a new major character, Corey Cunningham. At the beginning, the film focuses more on Cunningham rather than Strode, which fans are not very happy about.

It feels like you are watching a romance as the writers tried to force a relationship between Cunningham and Allyson Nelson. The horror aspect has been completely removed, and even worse, Michael Myers does not make an appearance until the last hour of the movie.

Though he did not get the screen time he deserved, we did get an unexpected turn when Cunningham tries to take on the mantle of The Shape. His killing methods are a lot more creative and gory; however, he is simply not threatening the way that Myers is, which drastically brings down the thriller aspect of the film.

Without a doubt, “Halloween Ends” contains some of the best kill scenes in the series, but the body count does not rack up until the final act. The CGI and cinematography were overall excellent, but the direction of the plot did not serve well enough as a finale.

The first two installments of the trilogy were incredibly good; however, I would barely classify this one as a movie, let alone a horror classic. The film feels out of sync with the story that the trilogy was establishing, leaving us with an unsatisfying ending.