The Happiest Place on Earth


Kaleb Tapp

Happiest Place on Earth!

Many people tend to go to Disneyland because it’s known as the “happiest place on Earth.” There are Disneyland parks all around the world, and they all offer fun and thrilling experiences for all ages, but my overall favorite is Disneyland.

6 out of the 11 Disney parks have castle parks and are located in various places like California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Even though Disneyland is ranked in the top four and not in first place, it is still my favorite.

Bailee Abell states that Disney is the happiest place on Earth because, when you are stressed or worried in general, “there’s a very special, very unique feeling we get when we’re at the Disney parks. Somehow, these happy, magical places always feel like home.”

One of my favorite things about Disneyland is that they decorate the park depending on which holiday is around the corner. Two weeks before Easter, there is an “eggstravaganza” at Downtown Disney District and Disneyland. There are 12 hidden eggs that have Disney characters painted on them, and they are all hidden around the park. If you find all 12, you get an Easter egg with a Disney character painted on it.

This November, Disney decorated their park like the movie “Coco” and had a musical celebration, memory wall, and people were able to take pictures with Miguel, the main character in the movie.

Christmas is just next month, and I am excited to see how festive Disney is going to be this Christmas with the decorations and foods!