Briahna Mendoza

Due to Covid-19, Californians among many other states, are required to wear masks when out in public. Due to this mandate, many people carry extra masks on them in case they forget to grab one when rushing out the door. These are a few of those “just in case” masks that a couple of people had on them.

“We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister. September 15th is the day a group of anti-maskers demonstrated their beliefs in a Target in Florida, as seen in this tweet.

Stemming from posts like this one on reddit, September 15th was going to be the day wearing masks would finally be condemned. At least, that’s what the people involved saw it as. To many others, this attempt at being heroic looked like a bad case of main-character syndrome.

Wearing a mask is uncomfortable. It’s hot, it’s sweaty, and it can smell bad if you don’t wash it. People are unhappy wearing masks, and they are saying it loud and clear. This cry was heard by the public who in turn, made fun of them. Replies on this tweet range from reaction images all the way to debates. Everyone has a strong opinion on the matter.

This is not surprising, given the post is on Twitter. Anti-maskers argue that wearing a mask is restricting their freedom, while mask-wearers argue that masks are for the safety of others.

Harvard conducted a study that showed the spreading of COVID-19 depended on the intensity and time spent encountering an infected person. The risk between infected family members was around 40%, while among minimal contact with strangers it was only 5%. Depending on the material of the mask, the threat to strangers could be lessened.

Canyon High student Deborah De La Cruz offered her opinion on wearing masks, saying “I do believe masks are extremely important and they help keep you and others safe. I understand that you have a right to deny something if it bothers you but in this case, you refusing to wear a mask may affect the others around you. I hope that people consider that families are in danger and if they get sick their family members or financial state could get worse.”

With this sentiment, it is important to remember that everyone is having a hard time. Whether someone does something or not should not be the focus. Helping out with local troubles, keeping in touch with friends and family, and making sure to stay safe is what everyone should concentrate on.