How Mental Health Affects Physical Health


Sophia Maybin

Mental health can make it harder to get out of bed and go about daily life.

Having low mental health can affect some people physically. A couple of ways someone’s emotional health can manifest itself physically is with emotions like stress, anxiety, or depression.

If someone is under a lot of constant mental stress it can take its toll on the individual in different ways. One of the most common ways this physical pain can appear is through headaches, an upset stomach, tightness in their chest, high blood pressure, and trouble falling asleep.

So, when someone is extremely stressed, they are not only worried, but they also feel the pain of the issues through their body. This can make people feel even worse and ultimately makes the stress much harder to deal with.

This issue may lead to anxiety, which can pose its own challenges within itself. Anxiety can affect someone’s health in many ways.

Every circumstance is different, but in many cases, the feeling can cause people to get light-headed from rapid breathing or nauseous from the pit that they may feel in their stomach when anxiety takes over.

These nervous butterflies of anxiousness may hit everyone at some point, but some people have this feeling on a day to day basis. This is when the health of someone with anxiety is at risk.
Some common things people with anxiety have to deal with are headaches, muscle tension, and insomnia. All these things aren’t good to be experiencing on a regular basis, and things can escalate from there.

Another emotional state that can lead to physical problems is depression. Someone with depression might experience aches and pains, constant drowsiness or insomnia and not wanting to eat, which can seriously affect someone’s health.

The dangers of the physical attributes while feeling this emotion may not be evident at the time, but as the problem worsens the results may be devastating. Things like insomnia and not wanting to eat can weaken the individual’s immune system, and this can create worse issues over time.

Going through these inevitable highs and lows of life may prove more challenging than some people may realize, but there are ways to mend the issues so that the people going through these things don’t have to let their physical health take a hit.

One way to make life more manageable is by setting time aside for yourself and doing activities that make you happy. Though it is only a temporary fix, it is important to remember the things you are grateful for and can appreciate the small things in life.

Another thing that could increase health physically and mentally is exercising. This could make a world of a difference. From running off the stress or sadness to burning off the anger this is a great way to get someone back on track.

There are many ways that people can heal from the effects of mental to physical health which provides hope for people who want to get better. These problems may never get easier, but they are worth moving past for happiness and lack of physical pain or emotional states of mind that do no good. Overall, there is always room for growth.