Converse’s History


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Converse is a shoe and clothing shop that is known worldwide. Converse started out in 1908, in the city of Malden, Massachusetts. This company was founded by Marquis Mills Converse, but recently, it was bought by Nike.

Converse started with a different name and logo when it first opened. The name of Converse was ‘Converse Non Skids.’ After a while, they took away the ‘Non Skids’.

As the name changed, the logo changed with it. The Converse logo has gone through 6 different designs to get to where it is today, but the name on the logo stayed the same.

All of the logos Converse used over the years have stars, and the star represents, “a symbol of excellence and high quality, while the wordmark in delicate letters evoked a sense of friendliness and playfulness, reflecting the character of the brand and its products.” The star is a big part of Converse’s logo, and the second you see the star, you instantly know what brand it is.

As the Converse logo was changing, so were the shoes. The shoes today have a circle with a star in the middle, and around the star, it says ‘Converse All Star.’ Beside the star it says ‘Chuck Taylor.’ The reason for Chuck Taylor’s name on the shoe is because he “was a player and coach for the company’s industrial basketball team, the “Converse All-Stars”.

But, before the shoes today, the logo on the shoe was just a capital ‘C.’ They weren’t built as differently as the ones today were. One of the only differences is that the old shoes had a ‘suction sole,’ which was why they were called ‘Non-Skids’.

Converse is one of the most iconic companies in the world, and most of the time, you can see many people wearing their attire. But there are still many other popular shoe companies out there, so what is your favorite shoe company?